Better, Faster NCCM Performance.

Blazing Fast Backups

Blazing Fast Backups

AlterPoint has never been afraid of speed, but now the nation’s fastest enterprise network management solution just picked up the pace:

  • For the backup code you are using today with perl adapters: AlterPoint is 7X better.

  • For backup using java adapters (a new feature!): AlterPoint is 9X faster.

Faster Policy Execution

Not only do we understand the need for speed – we’re also firm believers in freedom of choice. Now, use perl or java scripts to write your policies

  • Using perl scripts to execute policy: AlterPoint is 11X faster.

  • For policy scripts using java (a new feature!): AlterPoint is more than 50X faster.

Faster Database Processing

Starting to notice a trend here? That’s right, AlterPoint also offers 10X faster database execution. Database pipelining streamlines reads and writes for lightning speed execution within the application.

Manage Your Network More Simply than Ever Before.

One Click NCCM Backup

Enjoy unrestricted access from the point of sale to the back-end. Access your business information from any computer, any time of the day or night.

No security whammies

When it comes to managing your network, you deserve protection. We offer it in the form of cross vendor vulnerability and defense services. You can review and remediate devices directly through the application without missing an update. Produce valuable reports for your security team to show how "whammy free" and secure your corporate environment truly is. Take that, whammies!

Flex-based User Interfaces

You asked for it and we made it so. Introducing super fast, lightweight network management software access from anywhere. Say no to heavyweight, thick clients. Instead, interact with AlterPoint through flex-based browser interfaces.

NCCM In the Cloud

Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword in network change and configuration management – it’s a valuable methodology that offers data recovery offsite – an invaluable asset for disaster recovery and planning. Our SQL Server database data center stores all of your backup data for you – safety first.

Adapters that Know WhenThey've Been Updated

We don’t want to call it life changing… but you might. Now find adapters with the click of a button, and update them from within the application! Plus, use our directory to find any adapters that become available for your devices.