AlterPoint Custom Adapters

Create an Adapter to cover any network device in your environment - without installing a new version of AlterPoint!

What is an Adapter?

An AlterPoint Adapter is a unique tool that allows communication between the AlterPoint application and any device on your network, gathering network configuration details and sending changes as necessary.

Want to monitor a new device on your network using AlterPoint NetworkAuthority?

One of the great things about AlterPoint NetworkAuthority is that it allows you to add support for new devices without having to install a new version of the software. All you need to do is create an Adapter for the device you want to manage. Simply:

  1. Create an incident report at to begin the process.
  2. Our team members will respond to your request.
  3. We will work with you to understand your Adapter request. Shortly thereafter, your Adapter will be delivered to you!

On a Current Maintenance and Support Plan?

  • Platinum Maintenance and Support customers get FREE unlimited Adapters!
  • Gold Maintenance and Support Customers get one Adapter per year.
  • Standard Maintenance and Support Customers can purchase Adapters at a per-Adapter cost basis.

Highlights of Platinum Maintenance:

Unlimited Adapters   Adding new devices to your network? Platinum customers can request development of new Adapters for new devices.

Select Conversions   AlterPoint experts will convert Perl scripts or Adapters to Java for AlterPoint Enterprise customers on Platinum Support.